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arab horses

The Farm
Farm Gíreth has been for almost 20 years an integral part of Kaľamenová, which celebrates 765th anniversary of its history. Originaly named Lazkouch, it was given to Turiec inhabitant Sitina by king Belo IV. in 1240. Later it was renamed to Kelemenfalva, from which comes today’s Kaľamenová. Rennaisance manor-house of the Rakovský family from 1540 is today property and seat of the Farm Gíreth.

Coat of arms of the village consists of royal crown and two olive sprays, which means two lineages – of Rakovský and of Horvát. Rennaisance manor-hose from year 1540 became property, seat of the farm and seat of the Association Arabské kone Slovenska (Arabian horses of Slovakia) in 2000. The association associates most of privately raised arabian horses in Slovakia with breeding and sporting activities.

The farm was the largest breeding of Wales ponnies sek.B (called "little arab" in England) in Czechoslovakia and it was successful on international level. Thanks to broades interests, Farm Gíreth is the largest arab horses breeding in Slovakia (original arab, shagya arab). We keep strong cooperation with NŽ Topoľčianky, with private breeders in Slovakia and adjacent european breedings – procurements from Bábolna (Hungary), Janow Podlaski (Poland), Mangália (Romania).

Farm Gíreth is farming as well. The horses graze on 40ha large property with permanent approach to the river Turiec, which is 3 kilometres long natural border of the pasture land. The farm is self-sufficient regarding forage plants. Our development is also proved by successful project to support endangered breed of the horse.

We are proud to keep excellent cooperation with all parties concerned of the farm operation. Ministry of the Agriculture, Association of the horse breeders in Slovakia, NŽ Topoľčianky (National Stud Farm), Central Registration in Topoľčianky, Agricultural University in Nitra, Department of special zootechnics, State Breeding Institute, Special breeding farm in Lužianky pri Nitre, State veterinary and food Administration, state government and local government.

Except of the exhibitions, we plan to organize markets and other similar activities. You are warmly invited to come to see our farm and surroundings and we are looking forward to your visit in our village Kaľamenová and at the Farm Gíreth.